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最基礎木工課 -「工欲善其事 必先利其器」



Back to Basic Woodworking

起手(四堂) - 學到磨刀開榫及木工車床使用方法,在學習手工具的同時也可以認識電工具,為創作木藝品加入更多可能。
Stage 1 Learning: Basic skills including sharpening tool, tenon and mortise joint. While learning hand tools, you can also understand how to use electric tools and add more possibilities for creating wooden products.

落手(四堂) - 實踐起手的木工技巧,製作一張入榫實木茶几
Stage 2 Making: Put into practice of stage 1, making a tenon and mortise solid wood furniture

Participants can select Stage 1 Learning (4 lessons) or Stage 2 Learning+ Making (8 lessons)

After completing the "Back to Basic" woodworking class, students can learn to make more different wooden furniture like box, wooden horse, bench, cabinets, etc.


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